The RIVALE model laser cutting machines are designed to guarantee high productivity, precision and reliability. This model has a very advantageous quality-price ratio and is the ideal machine for those entering the laser world for the first time, always maintaining the quality guarantee of a completely Italian product at a competitive price.
RIVALE is characterized by excellent performance with 1G of acceleration and 140 m/min of maximum speed. It is particularly suitable for cutting various materials, including highly reflective ones, and has a capacity for cutting carbon steel up to 25 mm thick with a laser source of up to 6 kW of power.
The constructive solidity of Warcom and the use of the most modern high-efficiency laser resonators reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption to a minimum.
The integrated electrical panel and its elegant and compact design allow RIVALE to maintain a limited footprint in the production departments of a company.
The RIVALE range can be equipped with interlocking systems for automatic loading/unloading of both sheet metal and machined pieces and can also be equipped with automatic vertical magazines.
These interlocks allow to optimize the production process giving the possibility to work with a completely automatic and unmanned plant.

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