W-Tube Series


TUBE SERIES is the Warcom plasma series designed to work tubes and profiles with a minimum rotational footprint of 50 mm up to a maximum of 600 mm and a maximum length of 12000 mm. The workable sections range from standard closed profiles such as round, square and rectangular to the most varied open profiles used in the structural field.
The machine is programmed with an easy-to-use software system specifically developed for tube cutting, which allows the various machining operations to be performed on the two X and Y axes. The 4-lunette system guarantees maximum profile control during rotations and machining, assisted by an efficient system of laser sensors which allows to compensate for the deformations and non-linearities of the profiles themselves.

Technical data

min max
Round section diameter 50 mm 600 mm
Square section size 40x40 mm 420x420 mm
Rectangular section dimension 40x50 mm 500x300 mm
Open profiles L, UPN, HEA. HEB. IPN/IPE
Max. loading length 12 m
Max. unloading length 12 m
Cutting head 2D / 3D

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