Laser Cutting

Laser cutting today represents the most modern frontier of thermal cutting.

Warcom's Laser series machines convey the laser beam generated by the most modern and efficient solid-state resonators, using optics produced with the highest quality and technological standards.
The Warcom solution is completed by an extremely precise and rigid mechanics, which gives the machine high dynamic performance up to 2g of acceleration and 210 m/min of maximum speed for the cutting axes.

Under the control of the most modern programming software, it allows to obtain cuts of the highest level of finish from stainless steels, up to highly reflective materials such as copper and brass, reaching a maximum thickness of 40mm on carbon steels.

The advantages of Warcom lasers

High productivity, precision and reliability.​

High-end performances: up to 2G maximum acceleration and up to 210 m/min maximum speed of interpolated axes.

Suitable for cutting a variety of materials including highly reflective materials.​

Low gas and electricity consumption and low operating and maintenance costs.

User-friendly and easy to install.

Modern elegant and compact design with very small footprint.

Compared to the CO2 laser, the fiber laser guarantees a reduction in energy consumption of over 70% and a reduction in operating costs of over 50% as well as extremely low routine maintenance costs.




Laser Tube Italo 200

Laser tube italo 300