EVOLUTA radically revolutionizes the bending process, imposing itself as a new point of reference for those who look to the future.
The study and design of the EVOLUTA press brake had the fundamental objective of creating an innovative press brake with an application of the technologically UNIQUE bending process.
Thanks to the FCS (Full Compensation System) technology with double automatic compensation in "real time", you will obtain perfect bending results.
The evolution of the hydraulic unit makes it possible to obtain high ram movement performance, reaching approach and return speeds of up to 220 mm/sec.
EVOLUTA is equipped with increased opening and stroke, CAN/BUS communication system, heat exchanger, standard silenced pump and TALENTO 21” CNC touch screen.
Thanks to all these solutions, the uniformity, repeatability and flatness of the bent sheet metal profile are ensured with any type of material and thickness.
The EVOLUTA press brake is made with high quality components and materials and features a refined design, a guarantee of the made by WARCOM.

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