Imacon Color Scanner

Futura in Quad-Tandem combination

Warcom has been building for many years special system for the bending of lighting poles. The plant usually consists in 4 machines in tandem combination with different lenghts and tonnage. They can be used both in their powerful complete configuration and independently from one another. The system is managed by a general electrical panel that guarantees a very versatile management.

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Futura 80-1000 & Futura 60-1000

Two gigantic press-brakes were just completed in Warcom.
These press-brakes have impressive dimensions (approx. weight for the 8 meter one is 170.000 tons), needed to create a structure sturdy enough for the bending of high thicknesses of high resistance materials such as Hardox, Weldox, Strenx ecc.

Just like every other Warcom machine, these come with huge possibilities of customization, starting from C-frame, opening and cylinder stroke.


Futura 60-1400 + 60-1000 in Tandem

In 2012 Warcom installed at Finning CAT premises in chile these two huge press brakes. A massive plant and a great recognition for the “Made in Italy”.