EVOLUTA radically revolutionizes the bending process, presenting itself as the best choice for those who desire the newest and most advanced technology. The concept and design of EVOLUTA have the fundamental aim of creating an innovative press brake with a UNIQUE technological bending process. The technical features of EVOLUTA will ensure maximum flexibility to meet every bending requirement.


This new machine is the result of all the systems developed singularly and that Warcom decided to put together having in mind to offer a total integrated solution to its customers .


The most versatile machine in the range, and the most requested model in the market, thanks also to the availability of different versions.


LOGICA is the latest machine developed by Warcom, an electrical press brake which allows energy saving without effecting performance and quality.


FUTURA 40-400 in a four-tandem combination

The system is made up of 4 press brakes, FUTURA 45-400, combined in 4 tandems.

FUTURA 80-1000

This machine will be combined with an 800 tons press brake before the end of 2007 so user will get a total force of 1800 tons over a length of 14 meter.

FUTURA 40-500 in tandem

Here is another example of Warcom’s flexibility and capability of manufacturing big size equipment.
It’s a picture of a tandem press brake FUTURA 40-500 with possibility to be used independently.

Futura 60.1400 – 60.1000 in Tandem

Tandem Futura 60.1400 – 60.1000 FINNING CAT