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Plasma cutting W Power M-SERIES

 W-Power M-SERIES is a plasma cutting system with a very good quality/price ratio suitable for the medium-heavy steel fabricating.
W-Power M-SERIES is produced with a monolithic structure machined and assembled, the sheet metal table holder is placed inside.
Sectioned extractor tanks for fumes extraction and scrap collections are placed under the cutting table.

The gantry drive movement determines the opening or closure of the sectioned tanks, concentrating and optimizing the suction where the torch is cutting the sheet.
On the railways guides slides the metal frame gantry where, in addition the plasma torch, different cutting technologies (bevel, oxyfuel, drilling and tapping) can be used.It is available in different range sizes with a maximum Y axis stroke of 2500 mm and it can be equipped with power supply with various power and typology.

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