The History – from 1959 to Today

In 1959 Giovanni Robazza built the first mechanical shear in cast iron by “ROMEA” brand. He has changed his small workshop in an artisan job, starting the production of machines tools for sheet metal working.
In 1979 Walter Roberto Robazza, Giovanni’s son, founded Warcom Spa, industrializing the production of hydraulic press brakes and shears with CNC numeric control.
Now Warcom is managed by the third generation of Robazza family by Alberto and Paolo brothers. Warcom grows over an area of about 5000 m2 and has a staff of 40 employees, 2 foreign branches offices and a worldwide network sale.


Today Warcom is high technology company, at family style with old history. Warcom is one of the Italian leader manufacturers of press brakes, shears, plasma cutting machines and fiber laser machines.

After a restructuring, the new company’s arrangement is focused on undertake new challenges on the international market, always with dedication and attention to the customer needs and satisfaction.


Warcom focuses his efforts to provide the best solutions to the specialized metalworking customers. Warcom believes that the key of success is the customer loyalty and professional ethic, together with technical expertise and work passion.

With the high quality products and the attention to the product details and design, Warcom reintroduces the “MADE IN ITALY” on the international market of sheet metal working.


Warcom product quality is guaranteed by constant research and development for the benefit of innovation and worker safety.

Since 2003 Warcom Italy  achieved  the certification quality system “UNI EN ISO 9001:2008”, guaranting constant monitoring of production and management processes before and after the sale.

Warcom’s  products are in compliance with 2006/42/CE mark.